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30 May 2014

Battlefield 3 Game Full Version for Windows Free Download

Battlefield-3-pc-game (1)

The Battlefield name indicates 'action' to countless gamers around the world, and Battlefield 3 simply ramps up the intensity. Exactly how? It's everything about option.

The sheer variety of alternatives offered to you on the field of battle is impressive. The 4 gamer courses-- Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon-- each have their specialized, and finding out exactly how these deal with each other is the secret to triumph. Like taking the heat? Play Assault, and restore your fallen colleagues on the cutting edge. Prefer the range of a sniper? Take the long view as Recon and reduce the effects of the opponent danger prior to it appears. Nevertheless you prefer to play, there's something below for you.

26 May 2014

How to Change Cursor in Blogger or Wordpress Websites

change cursor bloggerHave you already dreamed of customizing your blog or website to something really unique, adding contrasts, background and adding some cool widgets, well than its time to change your mouse cursor for giving any interesting effect to your wiggling mouse.

We have also posted other effects related to mouse like adding falling stars effect and many more well changing mouse cursor does not include any typical scripting or anything but just a small CSS is added to change your mouse to any image or .cur file.

How to Easily Complete Fileice Surveys to Download File


FileIce is a cutting edge Pay Per Download website making use of the greatest transforming reward studies, providing you the very best payout rates in order to take advantage of your site and make you cash on the internet. Well but the problem many users face is downloading using this website, well it provides a huge cash back for the persona who have actually uploaded the file on this website.

Save Money While Shopping Online using BuyHatke

2 IIT Kharagpur students, Gaurav Dahake and Prashant Singh, in the last regard to their course in 2013 were taking a look at a couple of e-commerce websites to get an iPod for their pal's birthday. However it had not been a comfy experience. The more they surfed the more they were at a loss.

Various websites revealed various rates, price cuts and shipment time. There was no chance of quickly deciding. Lastly, they bought one, just to find out later on that the item would take five days to show up, well after the birthday. They likewise understood that when they positioned the order, they were not knowledgeable about another website which provided the item Rs 300 less. The experience set the two thinking on the requirement turn digital shopping into a problem-free experience.

Remove Logo Now! PRO Download with Genuine License

Today's present will be a valuable present for YouTuber's, Video Online Marketers, for those who enjoy to instruct others by producing video tutorials and in addition to for those who have actually old videos shot by an old camcorder or digital cam. Today's giveaway post introduces you to a very unique tool that helps you in getting RID of any LOGO or Watermark from any video?

25 May 2014

Advanced System Care 7 PRO Free 11 Months Serial Key

Advanced system care 7 Pro version is another PC tuning utility like we posted about Glary Utilities that you can use in order to make your PC blazing fast, well with its intuitive tools and big bunch of toolbox you are able to fix every single problem you might be facing in your pc. It comes with a once click PC optimization tool that you can use in order to scan your pc for every single error and vanish them away.

10 Advantages of using UPS as your System Protector

UPS-power-backupUPS or Uninterruptable Power Supply system is the life rescuer, which guarantees that your computer system remains protected therefore protecting your unsaved information in times of a power cut. Well not only it saves your unsaved documents but in some conditions as reported from all over the world it could be a life savior as systems without UPS and high voltage could even blow up, hence releasing some toxins that could prove to be a deadly spirit in anyone's life.

HTML Editor for Designing & Previewing your CSS Widgets

If you are a big fan of CSS and love to create and design widgets for your blog using CSS than you would be happy to know than we have launched a new editor page on our website which allows you to design and preview your widgets. With this easy and fast editor you can just add your CSS code and your HTML and than hit the preview button and your widget will be rendered on the right hand side.

HTML Editor Blogger

So as you can see in the above image I just added the CSS and HTML for my search widget and it rendered perfectly on right hand side. So sometimes it might give some padding and margin problems but in reality the widget will work superb.

You can start using this tool from our HTML Editor Page, well if you are a blogger and would like to add this editor in your blog, then we have even posted the source code below which will help you in embedding this editor right in your blog.

  1. Open Blogger > Pages > New Page. (You can also add this to any of your post or even in your wordpress blogs)
  2. Now just shift to the HTML Tab and paste below code into it.

    <form method="post" name="form1"><textarea style="border-bottom: #cccccc 1px solid; border-left: #cccccc 1px solid; padding-bottom: 5px; margin: 0px; padding-left: 5px; width: 300px; padding-right: 5px; font-family: courier new; height: 400px; color: blue; font-size: 12px; border-top: #cccccc 1px solid; border-right: #cccccc 1px solid; padding-top: 5px; scroll: auto" onclick="focus(this.code)" name="code">&lt;style&gt;

    Add CSS Code Here


    Add HTML Code Here</textarea> </form></td>
    <td valign="top"><iframe style="border-bottom: #cccccc 1px solid; border-left: #cccccc 1px solid; padding-bottom: 5px; padding-left: 5px; width: 650px; padding-right: 5px; height: 400px; border-top: #cccccc 1px solid; border-right: #cccccc 1px solid; padding-top: 5px" src="about:blank" name="preview"></iframe></td></tr></tbody></table><button class='preview-button' onclick="preview.document.write (document.getElementsByTagName ('TEXTAREA')[0].value); preview.document.close(); preview.focus()">Preview</button><button onclick="window.document.form1.code.value='';preview.document.write (document.getElementsByTagName ('TEXTAREA')[0].value); preview.document.close(); preview.focus()">Clear</button>

  3. Now to give the perfect permalink to this editor URL simply enter a single keyword like Editor as your page name and hit Publish.
  4. Now when you will view the page it will be like so now you can edit the page once again and rename it what you would like to add.
  5. Something like CSS Widget Editor or anything, but your permalink will remain the same, so this way you get short URL.

So now your CSS Widget Designer is up and running, you can simply make some modifications to the design and layout of this widget if you are somewhat good @ CSS, rest everything is explained, face some problem do comment.

23 May 2014

Download Motorola Moto E Official Stock Wallpapers

The Motorola Moto E was formally revealed recently and continues Motorola's present goals to provide terrific value smartphones in the budget plan gadget market. Well our earlier post states 6 major reasons why you should avoid purchasing the Moto E cellphone clears few major points that makes this budget phone a less friendly one but still money bypasses everything and people can consider purchasing this cellphone. Just like any brand-new gadget release, we prefer to have a look at the wallpapers that are readily available with the gadget.

22 May 2014

How to Change Boot Animation on your Android Device


Personalizing our mobile phone's with some brand-new hacks and pranks make the colleagues to freak, so attempting something unusual and brand-new tweak in Android mobiles will certainly be no question regarding the freaking of your close friends! As Android OS is transferring quick and it is considered as the finest Operating System for Mobile system. So now more and more users are joining everyday and few are even exploring the full potential of this awesome platform.

18 May 2014

3 Good Websites for Downloading Full HD Video Songs


Well if you are really fond of movie glamour and love to watch film trailers and video songs then you might be always in a search for some nice online websites that could allow you to download full HD videos for free for any latest movie song. Well I found 3 really nice website that allows you to download full HD video songs for any latest movies easily by just browsing their entire section and clicking the download button.

16 May 2014

25 Tricks To Make You Look more Gorgeous in Photos

tips-to-look-better-in-picturesWell if you are the selfie freak and love to snap your face anywhere anytime, then these 25 tricks will help you in maintaining your gorgeousness level to the top, you would be able to snap some of the best and awesome selfies and even normal photographs if your friends are taking them, so just check them out.

Get Android Device ID without Phone using Bluestacks

Do not have a smartphone or any Android based phone but still you need Device ID for some purpose, well you are in luck as we have an awesome tutorial that will allow you to grab your Android Device ID using a simple emulator called "Bluestacks" so now I have earlier posted a Whatsapp Messenger Installation tutorial that provides how powerful this emulator is and can do miracles for you if you are not having a Android Smartphone and you still wanna enjoy some games and apps.

200+ Awesome Ways to Make Money Online Easily

We have tried to cover many tips and tricks in our Make Money Section that allows you to make some good bucks online, but today I found another amazing and good articles or infographic you can say that demonstrates 200+ easy ways to make some nice money online. It covers up everything from Freelancing to Site Flipping.

Comparison between Mark Zuckerberg & 30 Year Old Man

It's hard aging. Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook Chief Executive Officer transforms 30 on Wednesday, with more than enough turning points (and a savings account) that can quickly place a typical bachelor into a deluxe retirement. While a lot of 30-year-old individuals are just coming down on their feet in the labor force or maybe lastly leaving their moms and dads' basements, Zuck is entering his 3rd many years with a quite piled return to consisting of the firm he started transforming 10, a pseudo-biopic concentrated on his profession and more than enough hoodies to last a lifetime. Well here is an awesome infographic from Mashable demonstrating the comparison between a common man and Mark Zuckerberg.

Leading 6 Reasons you should not Buy Motorola Moto E


Motorola has earlier introduced Moto G, an actually budget friendly mobile phone with terrific specifications, and marketed it effectively using its unique launch companion and online store, Flipkart. The partnership transformed prospectively gratifying for both the side and so Motorola introduced its most recent Moto E in India using Flipkart once more. With the launch of Moto e, blog owners, professionals, all are performing appreciation of the mobile phone.

15 May 2014

How to Receive Live IPL Match Score SMS on Mobile


Update This post has been updated with the latest working toll free number mentioned below and after so many comments and analyzing the live commentary I remove that as it was possibly not in the working mode.

IPL has just started and people are crazy about these short timespan matches, as it has filled every youth's heart with spirit of cheering up for their favorite cricketer, well in-fact not only youth but many other's are also into this business and they just love these matches. So now you also want to be connected to the live score feed and receive IPL Score live on your mobile device so that you do not miss any movement, so today I am going to show you an easy trick with which you can easily get all the live IPL scores right on your mobile using messages pretty easily and that too for free.

13 May 2014

How to One Click Root your Android Phone or Tablet


Android rooting opens up a world of possibility, however it can likewise void your service warranty, or even leave you with a bricked gadget. Make sure that you backup your information. Makers and providers have a vested interest in detering you from rooting. So if you still wanna bypass everything and get into the world of unimagined possibilities then below are the full details.

Benefits of Rooting Android ?

One of the most apparent rewards to root your Android gadget is to clear yourself of the bloatware that's difficult to uninstall. You can likewise access your whole file system, set up unique apps that need a root, and flash customized ROMs, which can include additional functions and improve your phone or tablet's efficiency.

You will not discover a great deal of outstanding essential apps when you root, however there suffice to make it beneficial. Some apps enable you to immediately backup all of your apps and all of their information, entirely block ads, develop safe and secure passages to the Net, overclock your processor, or make your gadget a cordless hotspot.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Device ?

There are basically 3 prospective cons to rooting your Android.

  1. Voiding your Guarantee: Some makers or providers will make use of rooting as a reason to void your guarantee. It's worth remembering that you can constantly unroot. If you have to send out the gadget back for repair work, just flash the initial backup ROM you made and nobody will ever understand that it was rooted.
  2. Bricking your Phone: Whenever you tamper too much, you run at least a little danger of bricking your gadget. Make sure that the guide you are following works for your gadget and that any customized ROM you flash is created particularly for it.
  3. Security Dangers: Rooting might present some security dangers. Depending upon exactly what services or apps you make use of on your gadget, rooting might produce a security vulnerability. Google declines to support the Google Wallet service for rooted gadgets.

One-Click Android Rooting using Framaroot.apk

Framaroot android application allow individuals rooting their gadgets in one click making use of exploits such as Gandalf, Pippin and others. The rooting could be done without attaching your device to any computer and just installing this simple application and with one click your android device will be rooted with super user possibilities.
  1. Download Framaroot.apk  
  2. Now after downloading this application simply transfer this file to your android device and install it. (Make sure to enable unknown apps installation)
  3. Now your framaroot application will be installed, simply open your application and you will see 2-3 modes like super user or so.
  4. Choose any one of them and wait for it as it will start rooting your device, now if you get an error message like in the above message the center image.
  5. Simply choose another mode and try again, now after your Rooting is done, you will get the Success :-) message like the last image above.
  6. Now simply Reboot your device and your have completed rooting your android device completely.

So guys now enjoy your rooted android device, well there is another technical way that includes the connection to be made between your computer and your android device, well this is the fastest way so I thought sharing this one instead of that one. So if you like this post do show your social caring by liking and giving a +1 above.

9 Productive Bitly's Tips and Tricks That You Should Use

bitly-logoSharing web links on space-constrained websites like Twitter led to the rise of address shorteners tools that reduce the size of web links so they took up fewer space. Apart from simply cutting off a couple of characters off a web link, Bitly has a variety of attributes that allow you to utilize it as a hyperlink repository, utilize it as a cloud based bookmarking device, an analytics tool or a social involvement display and all you get this for no fee and no charges.

11 May 2014

How to Automatically Blur Faces in YouTube Videos

YouTube is among one of the most popular video clip site in the world by the technology titan Google. In some videos we do not want to disclose our faces or individuals in that video. In such situations, this Blur Face function of YouTube is an excellent advantage.

10 May 2014

Top 10 Best Rated Free iPhone Applications of 2014


Apple's apple iPhone, iPad, iPod has ruled over mobile market given that a long time. As a result of its amazing features, better interface and all handy applications make it very popular mobile phone. Our generation is heavily based on Mobile phones. Now this perpetual trend has a hefty impact on our way of living. Among the hundreds of them it is fairly challenging to locate the very best one you require.

Picture Collage Maker PRO Genuine License Giveaway


Picture Collage Maker is a highly effective and easy-to-use program for producing picture collages and electronic scrapbooks from your digital images to show loved ones. 150+ stunning templates for numerous occasions help you produce photo collages, scrapbooks, signboards, invitations, calendars, and welcoming cards, and so on. Edit and customize image collage with lots of expert impacts: clipart, frames, mask and additional. Print straight, save as photo data, set as wallpaper, and share through e-mail. So overall there are many possibilities lets see.

09 May 2014

10 Security Tips by Most Wanted Hacker Kevin Mitnick


Kevin Mitnick came over his security proficiency by hand. In the 1990s, his digital seepage of some of the largest companies around the world made him a well-known technology boogieman, and inevitably landed him 5 years behind bars. Now free and clear, Mitnick has transformed himself as a computer system security expert and writer. He takes a trip around the world teaching organizations the best ways to safeguard their information in a world of business spies and more youthful versions of himself. He took a break from his jet-setting to discuss some functional security tips.

How to Reset your Chrome Browser Settings to Default

Have you just messed up with some settings and you are not getting out of that problem, you are just searching for some solution on how actually you can get back to the initial stage in chrome, well now the latest chrome update brings the settings resetting button built inside chrome that you can use to reset your chrome settings to the default stage by just clicking it once.

08 May 2014

How to Compare Internet Broadband Prices Online India

Internet Broadband is a must thing these day's that people usually implement to get connected with people and their family members from all over the world. Sometimes it seems to be a difficult decision to check for every broadband available in city and at what prices they are actually available.

34 Amazing Nerdy Home Concepts you can Implement


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a house like James Bond 007, having a secret hallway under your bed, maybe picking up the book would open the entrance to the hallway where all the secret weapons are hidden, well if you think and dream of something like that I am here to share some astonishing Nerdy home improvements you could possibly attempt to get the most out of it.

07 May 2014

Prank Your Friends Create Fake WhatsApp Conversation

Well pranking your friends is a fun way to exchange love, well we have already posted many awesome tricks that allows you to prank your friends well like we posted about the facebook fake wall creator that works pretty well and could be used in order to create some fake post and then and some nice funny comments.

Simple Trick to Hide Files & Folders on your Android Device


Phones, Computer and other electronic devices are the means of communication, storage and other browsing experience. While using these devices we might come across something that we want to keep personal from other persons using that same device.

70 Things Every Computer Geek Should be Aware Off


A computer geek is a man who have potentiality to answer all the mystical questions of his relatives or buddies and off class no one is best in this world even a pc Geek can-not be a specialist without perseverance and deficiency of skills so we've some excellent subjects covered in this post to foster your general knowledge so have fun discovering your loop-holes and filling them with these significant posts.

06 May 2014

Six Amazing Beauty Hacks that will Make you Blush

It Is not surprising that beauty has rapidly grown in to a multi-billion-dollar sector over the decades. As most women understand, the range of skin potions, hair merchandise, and cosmetics accessible at any drug store or shopping center is enormous. In this info-graphic, 6 astonishing beauty hacks are revealed by individuals at Ogle School.

Add AdSense Ad right after <!--more--> Tag in Blogger

This fantastic tutorial is prepared and produced by MBT site where its admin labored evening and difficult day and eventually came out with this kind of ground-breaking widget which can multiply your adsense 10 Times once you activate and apply this script on your blog. Since you know Wordpress comes up with many in built plugins that you can activate and display your advertisement anywhere inside the post but in blogger you do not have this chance to embed adsense advertisement unit anywhere inside the post.

Wondershare DVD Creator Full Version License Giveaway

Wondershare DVD Creator is an exceptional DVD Maker software for Windows system. It's a mix of DVD Burner, Movie Editor, Photo Slideshow Maker and DVD Menu Designer. Professional design with easy-to-use features make it an ideal DVD Creator program for Windows consumers. All you have to make an ideal HD House DVD Movie are existing there with improved functions.

Dr.Web Security Space Pro 9 Free 90 Days Serial Number

Dr. Web Security Space is whole security solution with new sophisticated characteristics that goes significantly beyond normal antivirus protection. The software is effective at curing already infected systems, even without installing. It shields users from these sorts of malware risks: Mass-mailing worms, e mail viruses, File viruses, Trojans, Stealth viruses, Polymorphic viruses, Bodiless viruses, Macro viruses, MS Office viruses, Script viruses, Spyware, Password stealers, Key Loggers, Paid Dialers, Ad-Ware, Riskware, Hacktools, Backdook and many more.

Phrase Expander Standard Edition Genuine License Key

If you invest too much time on a computer typing text, then you may recognize that you are regularly inputting the exact same terms. Phrase Expander is a tool which will make your pc inputting easier. It permits you to establish text techniques of generally used phrases and when you type that short-cut, it is replaced with the pre-programmed expression. If example, you can place "hayd" as short cut for "how are you performing?". Shortcuts can be utilized to files, available programs, kind URLs and so forth. Phrase Expander works with all programs and also displays auto complete texts as you sort in real time.

05 May 2014

How to Make Blogger Widgets Visible to Blog Admin Only

blogger-logoSometime you want some widget to be visible only the signed in admin of that particular blog, no other reader is able to see that widget and its content, well now it could be the page views counter that you would like to track but do not want any reader to see through it, well we have any easy trick that will help you in hiding your blogger widgets from your reader and showing it only to the blog admin.

04 May 2014

How to Add Second Widget to the Header in Blogger Blog


Well as you can see on our blog the adsense ad live beside the HU logo we have uploaded, so actually you can add anything at that place instead of just implementing the ad, you can even ad some nice navigation that you could easily use to allow your readers to view some of your awesome posts, well whatever you wanted to add you can do that by just adding an option to add additional gadgets in your header.

What are the Benefits and Uses of the Holy "INTERNET"

internet-logoWell I have added the work Holy right behind the word "Internet" as I think is the most respected thing anyone could bow in front off to give respect. Well Internet has taken our life's to a next level bringing everything a lot faster, easier & safer. We can talk to our parents living abroad, learn knowledgeable stuff online and even SHOP for our favorite jeans from outstation websites.

03 May 2014

How to Add Tilt Image Effect on Blogger Post Images

Tilt image effect for blogger post images will tilt your images to a particular direction and tilt them again when you mouse over those images. Well this is just for adding some motion to those image so that your readers enjoy that cool effect. So now you can see the effect demo below for the images you are going to get on your images.

02 May 2014

Disable Background Changing Feature in Windows 7

Well it actually happens many times you have just customized your PC and one of your relatives come, use your computer and shuffle all your settings that includes the nice HD background image you might have found from some awesome website. Well now you cannot stop him from using your PC but yes you can configure your system to not change background image on any command.

01 May 2014

Easily Backup Windows Live Writer Data with this Tool

windows-live-writer-logoWindows Live writer is a very popular blogging software used by many professional blogger. Its customizations, plugins and many daily used features makes it the best and free blogging software from Microsoft. Now as you do lot of blogging from one software you normally capture and store data on one computer, which can be dangerous if you get any outer damage to that computer you might loose all the data or if any case you wanna migrate or duplicate the data on another computer this post will help you out.