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29 May 2015

List of 34 Most Productive Websites for Smart Bloggers

Blogging involves a lot of hard work in combination to smart work, you need to constantly searching for more new ways to leave your footprint online. That too said its very important that everything you do is not actually taking the entire out from you but you should be able to work, play and discover at the same time.

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Well I have combined a list of online websites, tools that you can utilize in order to make your work, faster, smarter and more productive, Check them out.

Top 34 Online Tools for Becoming more Productive

Well I found these websites that can help you in your blogging activity, make your blog more useful for everyone.

  1. Bugmenot.com - Consists of login credentials uploaded by individuals, so that you do not have do develop account on every websites for little jobs.
  2. Fakenamegenerator.com - Helps you to generate fake names, email address, phone numbers to sign up on website's that you are willing to test out without disclosing your real email address.
  3. Ifttt.com - Bonds connection in between your online accounts to automate jobs. For instance you can download Facebook tagged images straight to your dropbox account with basic clicks in IFTTT.
  4. Notes.io - For developing and sharing online notes fast and quick.
  5. Builtwith.com - This can evaluate technical information like web-host, plugins, Advertisements network etc. for any websites.
  6. Picmonkey.com - Online image editor for fast work.
  7. Accountkiller.com - Shows you the best ways to erase any social networks account of yours permanently.
  8. Getpocket.com - Discover a fascinating post online however do not have time to read it? Put it in your pocket account to read it later on.
  9. Downforeveryoneorjustme.com - Lets you discover if the website is down for just you or for everybody else too.
  10. Scamadviser.com - Checks if the website is credible or not by taking a look at it's domain age, hosting service provider and contact details.
  11. Ge.tt - Share files with anybody without revealing your real identity.
  12. Bubbl.us - Develop a flowchart or category fast and simple.
  13. Wordle.net - Produce stylish typographic images from text or url.
  14. Polishmywriting.com - Examine grammar and phrase structure mistake online, helpful for evidence reading your short article prior to striking Publish button.
  15. Wetransfer.com - For sharing huge files online.
  16. Livestream.com - Watch or telecast live video over the world.
  17. Homestyler.com - Design your house in 3d for totally free.
  18. Pdfescape.com - Online pdf editor.
  19. Printfriendly.com - Make a web page print friendly by eliminating irritating advertisements and widgets.
  20. Unfurlr.com - Unlock the provided url, discover it's alternatives.
  21. Speedtest.net - For testing your internet speed by carrying out ping and download upload test. Also: Increase your IDM Download Speed with IDM Optimizer.
  22. Fiverr.com - Purchase or offer your service online rapidly for 5$.
  23. SEOClerks.com - Pretty much same to Fiverr but allows you to keep your prices down to $1 to the amount you wish.
  24. Futureme.com - Send out e-mail to you or your buddy in future.
  25. Screen-o-matic.com - Record screen online.
  26. Donothingfor2minutes.com - This website assists you to unwind and focus.
  27. Rescuetime.com - Track your online activity on various websites and assist you to comprehend them and establishing your objectives.
  28. Disposablewebpage.com - Use to develop a disposable web page that self destruct automatically at a given time.
  29. Ifixit.com - Consists of repair work handbooks for all most anything that can be dealt with. Most popular for iOS Products.
  30. Asoftmurmur.com - Mix ambient noises together to remove interruption and assist you focus or unwind.
  31. Flaticon.com - Required vector icons for your job. Examine this out, you will certainly discover everything you require.
  32. Flatuicolorpicker.com - Collection of some cool very little colors.
  33. Myfridgefood.com - Feeling Starving! however have no idea ways to prepare. This website will certainly inform you exactly what to prepare based upon exactly what you have in your refrigerator.
  34. Favicon.cc - Online websites favicon generator, very impressive, simply draw the favicon and see it live on your websites tab.