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30 July 2015

How to Access Blocked Facebook & Other Social Sites

Numerous networks do not enable access to social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. For this factor we can not have access. This take place particularly in schools, colleges and workplaces. So now we can get rid of that by experimenting few things in these networks. As most companies obstruct social media network websites, as they wish to avoid individuals from having access to social websites. If you are addicted to Facebook or Twitter like me, then you must have attempted a number of techniques to open social sites if it is locked by the administrator.

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Let me explain how the network administrator obstructs the sites they desire. The URL of the Websites, made use of to compose in the address bar is at the origin of an IP address. Each website has a distinct IP address. When you search a Website by typing the URL of the site, the computer system tries to match the name of the URL of your IP address. This is done by the DNS server. DNS server is signed up on the network that keeps information on all sites and their matching IP addresses computer system.

In a shared server IP address is shared by more than one site. However the fantastic websites and popular as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Have their own distinct IP address. Right here are the tricks they play. Facebook is obstructed in your school or workplace has actually obstructed due to the fact that the administrator of the DNS server.

Easiest Way to Open Blocked Facebook Site on a Computer

Utilizing another DNS Servers could help you in unlocking blocked facebook and other social networking sites on that network. Access or Login to Facebook utilizing Google Public/Open servers. So check below how this can be done.

  1. If you make use of the Windows OS, then navigate to Control Panel > Network & Sharing Center, now click on the connection like in the image below, then choose Properties for that connection. Now scroll below and you will see “Internet Protocol Version 4” click that and tick mark use the following (DNS Server Addresses).
  2. Now Put among any values mentioned below like in the image below, click the image to enlarge it to see it properly.

add custom dns server in windows

Open DNS Server Address:

Google DNS Server Address:

Ensure that your company or workplace is not making use of the DNS server. As soon as you alter the DNS server, you can open up Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking website you desire.

More Tips to Unblock Facebook & Other Sites

The above method should work maximum time, but in case it is not working, then you can check out some more awesome tips that could help you in unblocking facebook and other social networking websites.

  1. Accessing Facebook using its IP Address

    Many times it happens that your administrator has blocked the facebook.com using the HOSTS file. So in that case what you can do is open facebook using its IP address, so to do so open command you can open it by press Ctrl + R key which will open the RUN dialog, now type down CMD that will open the command prompt, now type ping facebook.com this will show you the IP address of facebook.com like in the image below now just type that address in the web browser and see facebook opening easily.
    facebook ip address
  2. Using Shortened URL's to Access Facebook

    In lots of circumstances, the URL of the website can be prohibited for you. In this case, you can utilize a shortened URL like using bit.ly or goo.gl and many others, just visit any site and type down facebook.com to get a short URL, now try opening that short url, it will open up your facebook or any other site.

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  3. Using PROXY Sites to Access Blocked Sites

    Sites proxy can be made use of to open the obstructed URLs on your computer system. However generally, these websites are likewise obstructed in schools, colleges and workplaces. For that reason, this might not work much. However you can search for proxy websites unobstructed.
  4. Open Facebook through secure web proxy

    Utilizing secure proxy sites is the simplest to access websites that are obstructed ways. Among these websites is https://www.hidemyass.com/proxy. The very best part about this website is that its free and could be made use from any country, you can choose many things how you wanna use that site.
    free web proxy tool hidemyass
  5. Using the Opera Browser, accessing Facebook Mobile Version

    If none of the above works for you, try using the opera browser to access the mobile version of facebook. Type http://m.facebook.com

  6. Accessing Facebook via e-Mail

    Facebook allows you to link your email account to get instant updates for anything that happens on facebook, with this every time you receive any message or so you will be sent out an email to react on that situation, now obviously your email might not bee blocked, so you can access it and see updates and respond to them.

  7. Using a VPN Tool to Access Blocked Facebook

    The very best solution at-last could be to make use of VPN tool to access any blocked site, you can download any tool for free just google about free VPN tool and access blocked websites easily.

These are the methods that you can use to access obstructed websites on the internet. However in some cases, you can be blocked at all point of view, so the best way is to kill your addiction for sometimes till your reach home to pump in a better status for your facebook account.