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04 August 2015

How to Make your Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable

Stalking is one major issue faced by a girl, women or any person and yes it starts with Facebook being open to the world, anyone can just search and scrap the image and do all those shitty stuff to it, hence harassing you. Well in case you have seen many profiles online where you might not be able to click the profile pic of any person and see the enlarged view, well earlier there was a way but now I guess its patched and its not working anymore.

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Well we will be showing you how to do that, hence protecting your profile from letting any stranger view your stuff. So using this trick, no one will be able to enlarge your profile pic, even you can do this to your cover photo or any pic.

How to Stop your Facebook DP from Enlarging on Click

So now just follow below steps and see how its done, its quiet easy, so nothing to matter, you won’t need to install any additional tweak, plugin or anything.

  1. Open Facebook and Sign In to your account.
  2. Navigate to your Profile Page.
  3. Click on the Profile Picture.
  4. Under that you will see a small GEAR icon, click that.

    facebook profile pic security
  5. Now choose Only Me option from that menu.

So that’s it now your profile pic wont enlarge if someone clicks on it, you can do this same to your cover photo or any other picture on facebook. You can even choose the Friends option, so any friend of your friend would be able to see your profile pic.

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