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30 August 2015

How to Get Paid Cydia Applications & Tweaks for Free

Cydia is the best creation for iOS users from Saurik and team and we are very thankful to this community who have developed a lot of applications and tweaks that can actually optimize your iOS Devices to extreme level. With Cydia we can actually explore the full potential of iPhone and other iOS devices because we can install a lot of tweaks and applications that actually optimizes your working routine and helps you to work in a more effective way.

paid cydia applications and tweaks for free

Now just like the app store in CYDIA developers are creating tweaks and applications every day and the few of them could be installed for free but few of the premium ones requires you to pay to get them installed on your phone.

Now let's admit the tweaks and applications we install from CYDIA are just amazing and even I am a big fan of CYDIA and its tweaks that I love to jailbreak my iPhone every time a new firmware is released I just wait for the jailbreak community to bring out a new tool that can actually jailbreak the phone which will help us to install new tweaks and applications that would release for that version.

Installing Paid Cydia Tweaks for Free

So to pay a small amount to get that premium tweak or application for device is not a big deal because it going to make a lot of good moments from that but still there many people those who do not want to pay a single penny and want install tweaks on the iPhone from CYDIA, so we're going to show you a simple way which will help you in installing all those applications and tweaks on CYIDA on your device for free.

Cydia REPO's for Installing Paid Cydia Tweaks for Free

So if you're confused about repos or you are a newbie in using CYDIA then let me just tell you repos is a simple address that actually redirects to a website that contains all those tweaks and applications in their database which we will access and use to install applications on a device.

So now the repos I'm talking about are mentioned below and how to install them on your device is even mentioned below so just check the tutorial on how you can install these repos in your device and use them to get paid applications and tweaks on CYDIA for free.


How to Add above Repo's in Cydia

So now let's see how to add above-mentioned repos in CYDIA
  1. Open Cydia on your iOS Device.
  2. Click on the Sources TAB & press Edit > ADD.
  3. Now add one link mentioned above at a time and press ADD.
  4. In case you get a warning to ADD Anyway, just click it and it will install the REPO in your device.
  5. Now after its installed just close your Cydia and Restart It.
  6. Again go to the Sources TAB and press the Refresh Button above.
  7. Now wait for few minutes and let it refresh the database.
  8. Now if you have any paid application or tweak in your mind, just search for it, it will come in blue, but right below or above you will the same tweak name with some different icon.
  9. That's actually the cracked application served you from the REPO's mentioned above.
  10. Just install that one and boom you have actually installed the paid cydia application or tweak for free.

Remember You might not be able to every tweak, but in my case, I found every single tweak and application. And do note the application version, many times you can get an old version of that tweak using the cracked source, so it can crash your phone, so the resolution is to remove that tweak or application from cydia, that will help to restore your phone to a normal state.

So guys I hope you had fun reading this tutorial and getting some knowledge and insight about how the repos work and use all those paid applications and tweaks on your iPhone for free make sure if you can afford those applications do purchase them as it supports the developers for the hard work and time they have invested in developing those apps, rest is up to you whatever your choose, have fun and do enjoy reading other awesome articles.