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04 September 2015

6 Unknown Android Tricks & Secret Features to Enable

Android is used by millions all over the world but still there are many things that people are not aware about this amazing OS. Well we have always tried to uncover maximum things and even post new tricks and applications for android that will boost your creativity while running and using this OS but today we have 6 new and impressive tricks and features that you might not be aware about.


Enhance your Android Experience with these Tricks

So lets see all the SIX awesome and secret features and tricks that you do not know, with these you can play games in higher resolution, even check your CPU usage and more, so lets jump into it.

Below tweaks require you to have developer options enabled on your android device, so to enable developer option on android, just visit your Settings > About, On the Build Number, TAP 7 times, this will enable the developer options.

  1. Improve Battery by Disabling Animations

    I have posted about this earlier in my another post, how animations are draining your battery and pissing you off, well you can check the tutorial and improve your android battery consumption. You can also install the battery doctor tweak to give more juice to your battery.
  2. Tag Fake GPS Location in Android

    After enabling the developer options you can Mock your GPS Location hence you can Fake it, this could be useful in many scenarios, that depends on the way you use it, but I wonder why Google has given this feature, but off course its hidden so that people will non-tech brains do not blunder with everything.

    Navigate to Settings > Developer Options, check for Mock Locations feature and enable it by ticking the check box.
  3. Keeping your Android Device Awake while Charging

    In case you want to keep your device awake, maybe checking some news feed or even your RSS updates, this feature could be useful.

    Navigate to Settings > Developer Options, check for Stay Awake feature and enable it by ticking the check box.
  4. Create Desktop Backup Password

    In case you have a low memory syndrome problem, then backup is necessary, with desktop password backup, you can be sure to stay safe.

    Navigate to Settings > Developer Options, tap the desktop backup password option, enter your current password and then type new password.
  5. Enable Higher Graphics in Games

    In case you are getting low graphics in your high end games, then there is another tweak that will help you in rendering higher graphics in games.

    Navigate to Settings > Developer Options, check for Force 4X MSAA feature and enable it by ticking the check box.
  6. Enable CPU Usage Overlay

    If your device gets low in the middle of the day, then it better to keep note about the apps that are taking the maximum load and hence turning them off or disabling them would your best bet.

    Navigate to Settings > Developer Options, check for Show CPU Usage feature and enable it by ticking the check box.

So now these 6 tips could help you in getting more from your android device. Developer option in android really packs loads of stuff and tweaks and you could be sure to get best from your phone, do check more stuff under developer options and do comment in case you face problems accessing any tweak above.