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01 April 2016

How to FIX Broken Links on any Webpage for Free

Broken links are bad for your site, in Google's term it’s like a poison being delivered to readers in form of pure water. Well yes I know the example is pretty absurd but you can understand by implementing yourself instead of your readers, what if you visit a website and you face some broken links for the stuff you desperately needed, well the same happens to your readers, so its very important to remove all the broken links and replace them with the working one’s.

fix broken links for free for any webpage

Scan and FIX Broken 404 Links for any Website

Deadlinkchecker is an online tool for scanning and fixing broken links on any website, blog like blogger or wordpress. You can scan your whole blog or website and get all the broken links with URL where they are situated and the anchor tags they tagged on, so its makes your work much more easier.

It can check if the link is 404, if service is unavailable or server is down, so now you can sure that your blog is in best conditions and everything is safe and sound. This will help you to enhance your SEO and rank good in search engines.

How to Scan your Website with Deadlinkchecker.com

Now to scan your website and fix all your links with Deadlinkchecker is quiet easy, lets see how its done.

  1. Visit Deadlinkchecker.com and enter your website URL.
  2. Choose Check Whole Website option and press Check.
  3. Now enter the Captcha code to start the scan, remember the Captcha will come in between several times, so make sure you are near your computer while scanning as it will take some time to scan all your pages.

    deadlink checker online free tool
  4. After few minutes your site will be scanned and you will all the links that are broken. Something like above.
  5. Now where its written Source link text, in that field you will see all the Anchor Text to which your links are attached.
  6. So clicking that Anchor Text will open your page where that Broken Link resides, so open that and FIX that broken link by editing your post.

That's it guys, now you can scan and fix all your broken links easily using this free online tool. I hope you liked this post, do like, share and subscribe to this blog, do comment in case you find any problem using this tool.