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31 March 2016

Add Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Styles in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently streamed the incoming of a new BETA testing app for its social networking application that will allow you to do alot more things fast and in style. We are going to see some new styles that you can add to your text like Bold, Italic and Strikethrough. Well this is going to be great in case you want to make your text much more appealing to your friends.

whatsapp bold italic and strikethrough styles

Another features will include Quick Reply, wallpaper selector, multiple selection and quickly adding more friends to your chat or group.

Formatting your Text in WhatsApp and Adding Styles

So in the BETA version which is currently not available through public updates but with the BETA Testing program or manually downloading and using it would get you to do awesome stuff in WhatsApp.

Now how to actually add these styles and format your text in WhatsApp, well lets check below.

Making Text BOLD in WhatsApp

To make your text bold you need to start your text with a * and end it with a * so lets see below example.

*HackingUniversity* will be shown as HackingUniversity

So you get the example what so ever your text is either its a word or a sentence, you just need to add a * in front and back of that and it will be shown as a BOLD text or paragraph.

Making Text Italic in WhatsApp

In case you want to make your text Italic, you need to use _ in front of that text and then end it with another _ check below example.

_HackingUniversity_ will be shown as HackingUniversity

Now you can see how your text will be styled as Italic, lets see the next one which is the Strikethrough.

Making Text Strikethrough in WhatsApp

Adding the Strikethrough attribute to your text in whatsapp could be done using the ~ in front of the text and ending it with another ~ so check below.

~HackingUniversity~ will be shown as HackingUniversity

Hmm looks appealing yes, this could be another way to make your text more attractive and subject based.

So now what so ever the case is, you have different styles to make your WhatsApp text much more appealing and attractive.

Download WhatsApp Latest BETA Version .APK for Free

So as I have stated above all these features will be available in the latest BETA version of WhatsApp App, so we have uploaded the BETA version so you can download it easily from here and enjoy all these features. Make sure when installing this application you need to enable the Unknown Sources option in the settings. This will allow you to install this application on your device.