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02 April 2020

How to FIX Open Live Writer Blogger Login/Sign In Error

Update Download Link has been updated with the latest build that supports Google Drive Image Uploading as Google has disabled third party Picasa Uploading, so simply download the build from below and if prompted simply sign in using Google Blogger Account and fetch your Blog on which you would like to publish.

Open Live Writer was the best alternate after the very famous Windows Live Writer lost support by Microsoft and it became dead, Open Live Writer once again gave hope to people who were using blogger as there writing medium. Well I have been blogging from quiet a long time and earlier Windows Live Writer was only medium to blog as bloggers official post writing system is not appropriate in terms of uploading images. it's quite easy uploading images and other HTML content using either Windows live writer or open live writer if you're having Windows live writer access till now, because they have discontinued the service but if anyone is using it from early stage then they still be supporting the service because I am not aware about it I have not used Windows live letter from quite a long time. I have been on open live writer from quiet a long time as soon the word was there that Windows Live Writer has been discontinued.

So earlier also I have posted many tweaks and fixed to Open Live Writer issues like Fixing Re-Password Issues in Open Live Writer and Fixing Blogger Photo Upload Issues and right now I am posting this another workaround that will help you in Signing In to your blogger account and gain access to your blogs in Open Live Writer and start posting using it. But there is a catch the photo uploading is still not working as Google has updated there Login System and they have adapted more modern signing in system its more secure. But you can still use some photo uploading service or even Google Photos to upload your images and directly embed them in your post or article to publish it onto your site.

Download Open Live Writer Latest Version

So simple step to get the Sign In to blogger fixed is to download the latest modified version of the Open Live Writer, now remember this is not official version (that means not hosted on its official site) but it works and is developed by authentic developer.

  • Download the latest version of Open Live Writer using the below download link.


  • After you have downloaded the file simply double click and it will start the latest version, do not worry if you were having the old version installed its automatically going to upgrade to this version.
  • So now you have the latest version simply add your blog using the Google Blogger option and press Sign In.
  • Now choose your account or enter your credentials and your blog will be added, let it download the theme and you can start posting stuff as usual, for the images I have already told you that how you can post images, please upload it to some image uploading platform and use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + J to embed the image in your post using the URL.

You can also check the video posted below for easier understanding, make sure you comment below, if you face any issues using this version. I will be updating the post as soon as the photo uploading fix as been added.